Luxton Home 2012

An Accredited Alberta Museum

OPEN: Friday, May 27 to Sunday, October 02
11:00am - 3:00pm
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

The Luxton house at 206 Beaver Street was built circa 1905 and was home to Banff's Luxton family for 90 years. Norman Luxton, Georgina McDougall Luxton and their daughter Eleanor all played important roles in the development and character of the Banff community. Read more...


Luxton Garden Notes
Scilla blooming under 100 year old lilac trees

How does our garden grow? Early and strong! Often rumoured to have the first signs of spring in Banff, the Luxton Home has a south facing garden that likes to show early.

In recent years green shoots start growing strong in February, by mid-March the scilla and hyacinth are showing their growth and they blossom by mid-April along with the tulips.

Click here to see garden photos throughout the growing season...